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Xiaomi Mijia s500 Electric Shaver review

Last updated on Sunday December 19th, 2021

To read the reviews in detail before buying a product; especially if it is an electronic product, I love to meticulously check all its technical features. Therefore, I can say that I am satisfied with the products I purchased. I know it’s been a long time. In this article, I will review the Xiaomi Mijia S500 electric shaver. After using the brands that have more say in this market, I decided to give Xiaomi a go.

The blades of my Braun machine, which was the subject of my shaving tips article I shared before, became completely useless after 3 years. I think it is a great success that I have been able to use the blades for 3 years though the average usage span is 18 months. I used it but my face had become really unrecognizable especially in the last months. The ingrown beards, the scaly patches on my face and the acnes that never went away were seriously bothering me.

I researched about the cost of a new blades before replacing my shaver. The price of the part that was compatible with the 7840s and completely renews the head part was almost 500 liras on Braun online store. This actually shows that the blade part is more important than the body itself, and engineers are working more overtime on this for sure. Seeing this price, I decided to give up on my Braun shaver, which is already running in good condition, has lost nothing from battery performance, though the engine noise is rising at an uncomfortable level. So I looked for a new one. In the meantime, I bought some razor blades. As I was not quite used enough to these blades, I observed severe bleeding on my face and chin area. I had to make a decision as soon as possible.

Xiaomi’s Mijia S500 electric shaver was more affordable than the replacement head price set by Braun for the 7840s. It’s not that I didn’t have questions in my head before this. But users’ comments and product review videos managed to convince me.

Xiaomi Mijia S500 product image

The ordering and delivery processes were extremely seamless. The box contains the Mijia S500 electric shaver with a protecting cover at the top, a Type-C cable and a cleaning brush. If you’re expecting to have a charging adapter and a travel bag, I think it is worth knowing that you won’t have them coming. In order to charge the shaver, you can use the adapter and even the cable that you use whilst charging your phone. I think it was a life-saving function that they thought about it. So much so that any Type-C cable and adapter are enough for you to charge the S500 during your trip.

Xiaomi Mijia S500 product image

There is only one button on the shaver and you can manage all functions through this button. The upper part consists of three fully washable blades. Since the diameter of these blades is wide, you can shave your beard very quickly. While the upper two edges of the three blades move very quickly, the blade on the lower edge lifts the beards and provides them to hold. In this way, the risk of having ingrown beards is seriously prevented. The engine sound of the shaver did not bother me at all. The vibration speed of the blades also doesn’t tire the face. It provides a comfortable shaving experience as the blade area doesn’t heat up quickly during shaving.

Pros of the shaver

Mijia s500 electric shaver; Suitable for both wet and dry shaving. It is very satisfying that it is charged in 2 hours with any Type-C cable and offers 1 hour of battery life. Due to its light weight and small size, it won’t take up much space in your travel bag. Simply place the protection cover on the blades and you’re all set.

It has two speed settings. In this way, you can choose the speed that suits you best. If your beards are soft, you can choose the first level, if they are thick like mine, you can choose the second level. To change the level; You can press and hold the same button for a few seconds after starting the shaver. When the shaver is off, you can switch to the lock mode by pressing and holding the same button for a few seconds. Thus, while your Mijia S500 is in your bag, you will prevent accidental turn ons.


It doesn’t have a precision trimmer. That’s why you have to do this with the existing blades. I use the Remington Pg6045 for this purpose. That’s why I Can’t really say it’s a drawback.

It wouldn’t be bad if there was a travel bag in the box as well. From time to time, the protective cover may come off. I cannot say that the Type-C cable that comes out of the box is of very high quality.

Xiaomi Mijia S500 My review on Trendyol

Shaver and face care

If you’d ask me, this is actually the most important part to get the most out of any shaver. The care routine may vary according to each skin type. But here I want to share the routine I follow. First of all, shave daily if you have time; if you have more limited time, shave once in two days. The S500 electric shaver is suitable for a complete beard shave. You shouldn’t choose this shaver to shorten or shape your beards.

If you have enough time, go for a wet shave. Xiaomi also recommends this method. Apply your favorite shaving foam or shaving gel on your face and shave that way. When you are done, wash your face and the blade part of the shaver. You don’t need to use machine oil to clean the head under water. Clean the hairs remaining in the body part with the help of the brush provided in the box. For a more detailed cleaning, turn the head round you will see a when you turn the head upside down, remove all three blades completely and clean and wash them with the help of the brush. Then lock the blades by placing them in place and turning the wheel.

For aftershave, choose aftershave creams or moisturizers instead of after shave colognes. I’ve noticed that after shave colognes interestingly harden beards. That’s why I gave up on my Arko Gold Power cologne, which I love its smell. I also began using Vichy Ideal Soleil sun protecting cream with recommendation of my girlfriend. Thanks to both the S500 electric shaver and my facial care products, my face is already cleansed of all irritations in a very short time.

Thanks for reading my Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver review. Leave your comments and thoughts below


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