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Twitter says goodbye to 3rd party apps: if you wanna play, you gotta pay

What I loved the most from the first time I joined Twitter was that there were so many different ways to tweet. Via sms, via MSN Messenger, via WAP supported device, via website. As technology improved, so did our possibilities. I remember when I tweeted 25-30 times a day because it was so easy to write something and it definitely had a response.

Thanks to Twitter, I met amazing communities and people, improved my language skills, and worked with talented people. Later, I transslated the blind friendly Twitter apps used around the world into Turkish so that the blind folks in Turkey could get familiar with Twitter, I organized live events and tried to introduce all the features of Twitter.

After Twitter was sold, there have been many radical changes. The last one is that the Twitter API support becomes paid. This means the end of thousands of apps and services that use Twitter APIs. Many third-party Twitter clients currently in use are getting ready to say goodbye on February 9. From now on, the Twitter services will only be available via the web, mobile browser and official apps. For several months now, people all over the world have been looking for alternatives. In particular, there is a huge migration to Mastodon. I can see blind users slowly heading towards Mastodon as well including me. Since the use of mobile Twitter is very common, this change will be taken for granted in a very short time and the owner of Twitter will continue to make the decisions he wants and will ignore what the users think about.


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