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Useful tools to improve your Spotify experience

I use Spotify on my computer and phone for a long time. While enjoying the songs, I also occasionally benefit from apps and extensions specifically developed for Spotify. In this article, I’ll list some of the helpful tools, apps, and extensions you can use with Spotify.


Most popular music streaming service Spotify has over 80 millions of monthly paying subscribers and it’s getting bigger as Spotify improves it’s geographical availability. Spotify is available over 65 countries and the list is growing. Let’s get to know the extensions made for many different purposes such as organizing playlists and displaying lyrics.


Musixmatch is the leading lyrics provider on the internet. It used to work within Spotify for Windows but unfortunately this partnership came to an end. Don’t worry though, Musixmatch has apps for Windows & Mac, iOS, and Android for you to sing along to your favorite songs.


As the name suggests, Equalify is an equalizer extension for Spotify. It runs on Windows and lets you have the ful control on equalizer and the playback sound.

If Spotify finally decides to bring back Equalizer to the Windows client, it will be totally up to you whether pay or not to pay £15 for Equalify. I listed Equalify here but I couldn’t test it because of major accessibility issues.

Super simple sleep timer

Believe it or not, Spotify doesn’t have a sleep timer for many years. Rob J, who lives in London has developed a great Android app to help you with this. Simply start the app, set your timer and choose Spotify from the dropdown list. That’s it!

If you don’t have an Android phone, it’s right time to get one for yourself 🙂 But oh wait! There’s also a quick solution on the iPhone. Here’s how:

  • 1. Launch Clock app
  • 2. Go to timer tab
  • 3. Choose your desired timer
  • 4. Tap “When timer ends” and find “Stop playing” at the very bottom
  • 5. Tap set timer and you’re ready to go

That’s all.


Filtr creates unique playlists by inspiring from your likes on various music sources. They also have thousands of playlists for you to follow and stay updated on the newest music.


Youtify is a simple iOS app that lets you search for songs on Youtube and Spotify. Couldn’t really test Youtify because of some accessibility issues.

Spotify dedup

Spotify dedup by José M. Pérez lets you Remove duplicated songs from your playlists and saved songs.

Spotify Dedup checks your playlists and saved songs in your Spotify library. Once Dedup finds duplicates you can remove them securely. I have tried this several times and it works like a charm.


STAMP is a great extension if you’d like to move from a different music streaming service to Spotify. You just need to download the Windows app and follow the instructions. And your favorite songs will be there with you in your Spotify collection.


Unfortunately it’s all I can list in my post for now. If you’re using a different extension, or if you’re developing something for Spotify, be sure to write a comment. I’ll be more than happy to update my post and include your suggestions.

What I care about the most whilst writing an article is that it must be always readable at any time. For this purpose, I regularly update and correct my posts. I’d like to thank you all my subscribers and readers on this amazing journey as I have reached my 60th blog post. Take care till the next!


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