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Smartphone chooser

It will be very boring to say but, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They indeed make our life easier in most aspects, so It is also a very important issue to choose the most appropriate one to use in daily life.

There are over 30 smartphone manufacturers, and the vast majority of these brands are operating in most countries. That’s why it’s hard to choose from dozens of models. When a phone comes forward with its camera features; the other model focuses on battery performance. While some users like phones with small sizes, some users care about the amount of storage.

I have been a close GSM Arena follower for a long time. As I read the technical specifications, preliminary reviews and user reviews of almost every phone out there, I also watch videos about battery, endurance, processor / RAM performance, speaker tests, and so on.

With the form below, I aim to give you an idea about choosing the smart phone that best meets your expectations, for you, your friends or family members. You can be sure that I will be providing a suitable handset for your budget, your preferences and your tastes.

  • Your name and email address that you fill in the form will be used to reply you with a phone that matches your choices
  • Choosing the manufacturer is marked with * but you can choose to write more than one manufacturers. Or you can type in saying “any” if you don’t know where to start
  • If you’re blind or visually impaired, or you’re filling the form on behalf of someone who’s blind / visually impaired, choose the tick box that says accessibility and high contrast.
  • The phone I will be choosing that matches your needs is just to give you an idea. I won’t accept any responsibility if you happen to have any technical issues with the given phone.
  • Check out the Privacy page at the footer to find out more about what happens to the form that you will be sending me


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