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Warranty experience with Sennheiser earphones: I’m quite satisfied

My Sennheiser CX300-II Precision earphones that I bought from Amazon in November last year got broken a while ago. Although I had read that Sennheiser offers a complete product replacement, I was postponing to initiate the process just because I have another earphones. Finally I decided to apply for the product replacement last week. In this post, I will share my experience during the process.

Sennheiser’s Cx300-II sold really well in time. Various shopping sites still sell it however the product was officially discontinued from Sennheiser’s side. I decided to get one because almost all the owners has positive comments. As soon as I noticed a big discount during black friday, I ordered one for myself. From the very first moment I started using the earphones, I felt so good about it. Despite being an in-ear earphone, the lightweight structure made it easy to wear, even after listening to music for a long time.

As I wrote above, some time ago the cool earphones broke down. There was no sound on the left side. So I switched to my other earphones. There were various guidelines for product replacement, but I put off applying for a while. If I didn’t have another earphones, I could have acted right away.

Before the replacement

I went to the sennheiser Turkey website and connected to a support agent from the live chat. The agent asked me to ship the product to them along with the invoice and they would bear the charges. However, I didn’t have the invoice. If you can, you can print the electronic form of the invoice and send us along, they said.

That was great since all orders with an invoice are available in Amazon. When you go to your orders on Amazon web page or app, you can view all your past orders and invoices respectively. I found the invoice for my earphones and printed..

In addition to the product itself and the invoice, you must also provide the product failure details and your contact information to Sennheiser for product replacement. I wrote all the required details and requested a pickup from my address using the delivery app. They arrived within the same day and picked up the package. In the evening, my shipment tracking code arrived to the app as a push notification. The process began much easier than I thought.

Replacement process

The agent said that the replacement process may take approximately 20 days, but Sennheiser usually completes all procedures within 5 business days and shipps the new product. While I was waiting for the process to be completed the following week, I received a text on my phone the next day. The text says that the CX300-II is no longer in stock, but they can send the CX300S earphones instead, which is a newer model. There’s also a local number to call and let them know whether you want this product or you wish to wait.

I called the number and they asked that if I want the earphones in question for replacement. I agreed and they shipped the new product within the same day. After a couple of hours I got notification containing the tracking code. And I received the CX 300S the following day.

Sennheiser CX300S

Unlike the CX300-II, CX 300S has a slightly thicker cable and a microphone. I think I will use it for a long time. since it looks really durable.

Thoughts and conclusion

Similar posts, in fact, are usually written after a negative experience or frustration, so that everyone can hear the experience and probably stay away after. I wanted to share such a process with you all, as I personally experienced Sennheiser’s principle of standing behind their products, which I had often read. We all know that Sennheiser earphones are a little more expensive than ordinary ones. But they have won my approval after this experience.


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