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Last updated on Wednesday May 8th, 2019

I would like to share a really important progress about me with you readers. From now on I will publish my posts both in Turkish and English. Finally speaks in English!

I have been corresponded with many web designers to get this opportunity. What I wanted was being able to design the most suitable environment for myself. We did a series of tests to be able to choose the most convenient layout for my visitors as well… And finally, I got what I wanted to achieve for a long time. Starting with my newest posts, I’m currently making translations as quick as possible.

At the moment, I have completed the translations of most pages on the main menu and several posts on the front page. From now on, I will be publishing either versions (both Turkish and English) of each posts. Some of my personal articles and podcast episodes will not be translated for now, but why not in the future. 🙂

But how it works?

When you visit my site from any country other than Turkey, you will automatically be redirected to the English version. If the language of your browser is not English or you are using a VPN service, you will see the English version again. Your location will be saved thanks to cookies. If you want to view the Turkish or English version at any time, you can make your choice from the main menu where the language links are located.

But why? Isn’t just Turkish enough?

Of course, most of my visitors and subscribers speak Turkish. But it was also a fact that my friends those live in other countries and already knew about my blog wanted me to do this for a long time. They were using translation services in order to be able to understand what my posts say, and mostly they didn’t really get what I really mean. Moreover, by writing English content, I will be able to reach more readers as well as much higher rate of traffic. Indeed, I may commit a lot of grammar crimes. But this is a passion and I don’t want to give up.

What’s going on since last month?

If I have to say about the site, I have a brand new logo and a header image. I care a lot about this place, but I also have some very sincere friends those care as much as I do. I listed their names as an appreciation for whoever contributed to this site, no matter less or much.

So… See you in my next post 🙂


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  1. Yolun açık olsun değerli dostum.
    Bu adım, sitenin geleceği için oldukça önemli bir gelişme.
    Başarıların daim olsun.
    Her zaman güzel işler yaptığından, başarılı olacağına dair inancım tam.

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