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My projects

Welcome to my projects page!

Here you can find all of the projects by me or I’m involved in..

Accessible softwares

I’ve created dedicated Turkish pages for the NVDA screen reader and TWBlue Twitter client, where you can find all the details about them respectively. You will also find the latest download links on these pages.

Translation works

I did the translation of JAWS scripts for Skype into Turkish for almost 5 years. Apart from this; I provide Turkish translation for Universal copy app for Android that makes copy / paste actions much more easier, as well as translations for some Firefox help articles, WordPress themes and plugins.

My individual projects

I moderated the Skype-Turkish e-mail list that I established in late 2012 for 4 years. Members have exchanged information related to Skype and accessibility issues in the group.

I renovated the Skype Turkish group as of December 25th, 2016 by renaming it to Yeni sekme teknoloji ( new tab technology group). This group includes discussions regarding cloud services, communication networks, internet browsers, music streaming services and social networks.

Yeni Sekme group in Turkish

I publish podcast on my site and iTunes. With my podcasts, my aim is to reach out to more people while posting on my site about the things I am interested in.

Audio recording is one of my favorite things to do. I like recording from certain fields / ambiances and publish them on my site.
Ses kayıtlarım

Projects I contribute

Engelsiz Android projesinin yöneticilerinden biriyim. Proje kapsamında oluşturulan websitesi ve sosyal medya hesaplarında moderatörlük yapıyorum. Android uygulama geliştiricilerine ulaşıp, uygulamalarıyla ilgili geri bildirimde bulunuyorum.

SwiftKey VIP topluluğunda VİP katılımcıyım. Android için SwiftKey klavye ile ilgili aktif geri bildirimde bulunuyorum.

Things I can do for you

If you want to purchase a smartphone but don’t know where to go? I can definitely help you about that. I can help you decide which one to buy by suggesting the best smartphone for your budget and your needs.
Akıllı telefon önerisi isteyin formu

I can feature you on my podcast, can write text adverts / promotions for your projects and provide suggestions in Turkish. I also can provide translations from English to Turkish or reverse.

I can provide support for your needs such as personal website, e-commerce site, Android app, website security and optimization work, professional logo / graphic design, professional virtual identity and e-mail signature.

To get more detailed information about all of my projects, you can contact me using the contact page and social media profiles.