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I’m not a gamer but bought a gaming headset: Rampage RM-K7 headset review and microphone test in Turkish

As I stay home like everyone else, I’ve realized that I’ve been joining online meetings or conferences more often, and my 6 year old podcast microphone is not enough for this. I’ve decided to buy a headset and finally decided on a Rampage RM-K7 gaming headset. In this post, I’ll write a short review about Rampage RM-K7 headset and will include a microphone test video in Turkish.

It’s for gamers

Rampage headsets sold in Turkey By the “Segment computer” brand are made exclusively for gamers. The company’s products include gaming equipment for every budget. So, after some days of searching, I decided to buy a rampage headset. Interesting enough, they get pretty decent reviews for almost every headset. So, are their headphones really as good as in the reviews? let’s find out…

It’s bigger than I expected

Rampage RM-K7 Magnific USB headset and microphone

I’ve often heard that gaming headsets are big and heavy, but I’ve experienced it myself this time. The headset weighs about 400 grams. The area around your ear have high-quality earpads. There is also a layer of sponge on the headband to prevent the band from contacting the head directly. I really like this detail, because I hate that The Shape of the headband coming out over my head after wearing a headband headset for a long time. When you wear the headset, the ear pads completely cover your ears and provide a partial sound isolation. The microphone of the headset is on the left side and is quite well mounted to the headset.

The cable looks durable

The cable, which is approximately 2 meters long, has a special coating that protectsagainst twists. Feels like it can stand my crazy usage conditions for a long time. Meanwhile, this Rampage RM-K7 works from the USB. There’s remote located at the middle of the cable. There is a button to turn the light on and off, along with two other buttons to mute/unmute the audio and microphone respectively. There is also a key to turn the volume up/down.

Audio quality: Not bad

I can confidently say that I didn’t get the audio quality I expected from this headset, that comes with 7.1 surround sound system, though it couldn’t be better at this price. Since it has a 50mm speaker range, you can capture the details in the music however, I can’t say much for the games side.

Microphone is pretty good

I will include a microphone test video in Turkish below but I must say that I really like the microphone. However there’s an important detail. To prevent the sound on the headset from going into the microphone, Don’t turn up the volume from the key on the headset. Try to control the volume from the computer instead.

Technical specifications

Connection Interface: USB
Audio Channel: Virtual 7.1 Surround
Working Voltage: 5V
Impedance: 20 Ohms
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20KHz
Power: 15mW
Speaker Diameter: 50mm
Sensitivity: 117 DB
Cable Length: 2m
Mic Impedance: 2.2 KOhm
Microphone Frequency Response: 50Hz – 50KHz
Mic Sensitivity: -36DB
Weight: 380g
Feature: Noise Canceling Microphone


Microphone test


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