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One week without social media challenge

I believe that there are only few things we can’t do when we want to. But perhaps one of the hardest things is limiting ourselves and being able to give up our long living habits. In this post you will read about my challenge process. Because I’m starting to think about taking things seriously under control. I will try to stay away from social media for a week and I will share what I have experienced and felt during this process in this post.


You may think this is pointless, but I really decided to do it. Because I have enough reasons. From time to time I find myself launching a social media app beyond my control. Maybe because I have more free time than I need, maybe many other reasons. The fact that people using these places just to take their anger out and their hate speech, and I feel really bad when I come across such comments. I’ve decided to test myself and I’m going to experience how successful I am. If I’m succeed, it turns out it’s not as bad as I’m worried.

How it’s going to be?

I won’t be using any social media app and website for seven days. I will prefer offline communication when it’s possible, and I will make use of the time spent without. There are a few discussion groups that require me to communicate. I’ll keep them out of the list because the time I spend checking them is too little. Every day I will add some brief information about the process. I will start as of September 17th.

First day: Never thought it could be that easy, never thought it could be that hard

It started so good in the morning. I was working and fortunately I didn’t have much free time to check my social media. I’m not sure why but I received a lot of notifications from Twitter and Instagram. When I got home, I found myself clicked one of the notifications and already liked a few photos on Instagram. I actually lost the challenge from the very first day but it’s okay if I don’t do it again.

Second day: Right time to start

I think that I took the right decision after deciding to start this challenge on one of the weekdays. But the weekend is also included. Trying to plan what I’m going to do in advance since I’ll have more free time to look for social media. I also asked book recommendations to a few friends, but those books couldn’t make me excited enough to start reading. But I plan to choose a book and eventually finish that before the 7 days are over.

3rd day: They are pushing hard to bring me back

I’m getting a lot of notifications saying check out this photo, check his latest tweets. I think this is not by a coincidence. But I didn’t check those photos or tweets. I have choosen a few books about history but I’m still not sure about which one to go with. I think I’ll make my eventual choice by the evening.

4th day: A busy friday

The last work day was super busy. I was feeling quite tired when I got home. Took some nap and tuned in to my weekly release radar playlist on Spotify. Then worked on a song for a little bit. There’s not so much details about today. I think that I honestly got used to live this way, and I kind of like it.

5th day: Two new books

Started reading two new books. The first one is Born in Blood & Fire: A Concise History of Latin America by the culture historian John Charles Chasteen. I’ve always wanted to read about Latin America and here’s the chance. Second one is from the famous Turkish historian Halil Inalcik. Even after 7th day I’ll be reading those books in the same way so I won’t just stop and let it go.

6th day: I’m sure I’m not missing out

I started to learn about breaking news and other important updates much later than usual. While reading about those events, I also used to find myself in such a chaos as I also try to read people’s reactions. You may not believe but I’m much more peaceful during this process. I’m going to make the conclusion and finish by tomorrow, but I want to express that, I am very happy of being able to do something like this.

7th day: Conclusion

YES! I have done it! So it’s not dangerous as I was worried. I must confess that I was expecting a different scenario. Beaten by the dozens of notifications only once, however I forgive myself on this. Now I’m coming back slowly because there are things to be done. I’ll soon announce a new song and will resume my other projects. Will continue reading the books for sure. Apparently I’ve lost a large amount of Twitter followers but I don’t bother to look for the count. I’m feeling way better than seven days ago. I’m not sure if I’d repeat this challenge, but I’m sure I’ll be controlling myself onwards.

Life is not just about social media and what we see there. We can live without it. At least I could for the seven days. Please, but please, don’t build your life and your thoughts according to social media. Be yourself, get away from social media likes obsession. Spend more time for yourself and your loved ones.

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