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Welcome to the updates page!

In this page, you will find about the improvements, changes, news and developments related to my site all together. If you have subscribed to email and push notifications but have missed what’s happening; you can go directly to this page and browse the updates list. If you’d ask me, you really should add this page to your favorites.

So here’s what’s going on

Here you can find the updates list in the subheading sorted as event date. Feel free to use the contact form and send me a message if you have any feedback about this page

26.11.2020: New post published

Reviewed my 4 years of WordPress experience in terms of content, technical and accessibility wise.

21.10.2020: New interview posted

In this post, I interviewed my friend and fellow music producer Victor Lance. He shared his experiences in the field of music production for new and upcoming producers.

04.09.2020: Updated the Pros and Cons of Digiturk Play services post

Updated the post to reflect the latest changes on Digiturk Play service. The name has changed to beIN Connect and there are a few more tips for those who wish to find out more before purchasing a subscription. This post is one of the most displayed post on the site.

06.08.2020: Added a latest updates widget to the homepage

Added a latest updates widget to homepage which will bring you the latest news from my website or the things I do in general. You’ll be able to find the update along with the event date, and a details button below. Pressing the details button will show the details of a particular update.

03.08.2020: New file added to downloads

Jieshuo / Commentary screen reader for Android can be downloaded directly from my website Starting from early june 2020. You’ll always have the chance to find the most up to date APK file within the downloads page. As the time of writing, the downloads count for Jieshuo hit over 4200. Thank you for your strong support.

03.08.2020: New post published

Posted an addition to my internet memories. This one contains two interesting memories from 7 years ago. Enjoy!

05.07.2020: New post published

Reviewed the Subscription Android app developed by simolation. This subscription tracking app is a beast. Go check out my review.

21.05.2019: Attended the accessibility Accessibility Innovator’s Chat hosted by Envision AI

As the Turkey ambassador of Envision AI, I’ve Attended as a speaker to their Accessibility Innovator’s Chat for the Global Accessibility Awareness day. It was such an amazing experience.

10.05.2020: New post published

In this post I’ve listed my top 5 Tones and I – Dance Monkey covers. My #1 is Refeci & Michel Fannoun’s cover.

25.04.2020: New review posted

Posted a review of the Rampage RM-K7 gaming headset including a microphone test in Turkish

07.04.2020: New post published

In this post, I shared some tips for online safety during the Coronavirus outbreak.

29.02.2020: New post published

In this post, you can find the interesting responses from app developers to my accessibility related feedback.

04.02.2020: New post published

This post is all about stories on social media. I hope you enjoy the read.

09.01.2020: New post published

In this post, you can find tips on how to have a comfortable beard shave using an electric shaver.

07.11.2019: New post published

An exclusive interview with solo piano composer Holly Baines. I hope you enjoy reading.

15.10.2019: New post published

This post is about my experience with Sennheiser earphones replacement as part of the product warranty.

24.09.2019: New post published

I’ve completed a week without social media challenge. You can find out more in this blog post.

27.08.2019: New post published

I tried to answer that famous question, why is time passing so fast.

19.08.2019: New project!

envision AI, An app that aimes making the life of the blind easier with artificial inteligency. I started doing the Turkish localization and product support for the people in Turkey. You can go to my projects and find out more on the Envision AI page.

24.07.2019: New post published

I posted the second addition to my internet memories series. Enjoy!

24.06.2019: New post published

I published a new blog post about my new single project Triple.

21.06.2019: Released a new single

My new single Triple is available to stream and buy on the major digital stores. a detailed blog post about this release is coming soon.

16.06.2019: It’s enough resting

I’m back from my vacation. Already started working and producing.

01.06.2019: New post and time for holiday

I published a new post for my birthday with a things that I haven’t done list and some confessions.

I’ll be on a vacation for two weeks. Will update when I’m back to Istanbul and back to work.

19.05.2019: New post published

As the tradition continues, this post is about the 2019 Eurovision song contest. I wrote my comments and shared my personal ranking.

08.05.2019: New post published

I posted a review of my new Jabra Elite 65T earbuds. The post also contains a microphone test video.

15.04.2019: New post published

In this post, I have listed 16 singers and bands I discovered through Spotify.

11.03.2019: New post published

This post is the first from the series of my internet memories. More to come in the future.

26.02.2019: New post published

This post is about the little things I want to change. Enjoy!

29.01.2019: Another personal article

Here is another personal article of me just to boost your mood. Read it again and again if you need some motivation.

02.01.2019: New year, new post

Happy new year! I published a different kind of post this time. Go and read my post about 2018.

18.11.2018: New post published

Bought an Oral-B electric tooth brush and decided to share my daily experience in a blog post.

15.11.2018: New post published

In this post I explained the things you should consider in big discount days.

10.11.2018: Added a new playlist

Made a new Spotify playlist that contains Road trip songs from all around the world. You can check it out from the playlists page. You can also follow this and other playlists if you’re a Spotify user.

08.11.2018: Added a new page under projects

I created a project page about TWBlue, A Twitter client for Windows. My goal with this page is to make this Windows client more recognized and more common in Turkey.

07.11.2018: Removed Sitjs project page

Sitjs project was my goal to offer latest JAWS scripts for Skype in Turkish. Since Skype classic is no longer available, I decided to terminate my script translation work. Project associated download files were also deleted.

10.10.2018: Removed my Google+ profile from the social links

As you may heard that Google discontinues Google+, I removed my profile from the social links. I also must confess that I wasn’t really paying attention to it.

05.10.2018: New post published

Here’s another new post but this time it contains quite personal opinions of mine. There is no english translation for now but I’ll try my best to add it as soon as I can.

03.10.2018: Goodbye Chicken nugget

ı have provided sales and product sport, as well as the UI translation for the Twitter client Chicken Nugget For over 5 years. But I have decided to end my work and remove the associated page from my projects as the app got discontinued.

30.08.2018: New post published

If you’re using Spotify, take a look at my new posts. You’ll find useful tools to improve your Spotify experience.

30.07.2018: New post published

I published a post about New Skype and things you need to know about it.

18.07.2018: Added two more pages

Added two sub-pages under music link on the home page called albums and playlists. While the album page lists all of my songs, the playlist page has the Spotify playlists that I have made.

16.07.2018: I’m back!

I’m here again after two weeks of break and back to business.

29.06.2018: Time to relax

I’ll be going for a holiday for two weeks. There might be a delay replying to your messages.

28.06.2018: And we’ve built this site from the ground up

It’s summer time, time for a change! I have listened your feedback and comments, and built my site from the ground up. Let me know what you think about the look and overall navigation experience. You can write your comments from the email link at the social menu, or on the contact page as always.

21.06.2018: My album was featured on a music magazine

Rebecca Cullen, an author at the Stereo Stickman online music magazine, has written an awesome review about my album project Hello 27. You can Read the full review here

13.06.2018: Hello 27 album goes live!

We worked really hard for months. And the album to make my 27th age special is now live. Hello 27, is available on all of the major digital stores. Go and buy or listen to it.

13.05.2018: New post and podcast

I wrote and spoke about the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest.

01.05.2018: New post published

The rising star of Azerbaijani football, FK Qarabagh. Everything about them, and a nice interview is here for you.

07.04.2018: New post published

In this post, you can find out more about the differences between blogs and websites. Enjoy.

21.02.2018: New post published

The post contains more details about the song Good Old Days.

17.02.2018: Worked really hard

Worked with DJ Alex B. and made a deep house track. Good Old Days is available on all major digital stores and streaming services.

10.02.2018: New post

I published a post about iPod Touch. Should you really buy it or not in 2018? You will find all the answers.

07.01.2018: My blog is 4 years old

How time flies… It’s 4 years since I published my very first post. is 4 years old.

23.12.2017: New blog post

Tips for a better web browsing experience. Enjoy!

30.11.2017: English version is live

We worked so hard to make the contents in here available in English. From now on, each new post published by me will be available in English as well.

10.11.2017: English version of my site is coming up!!

English version and complete English content will be coming soon 🙂

28.10.2017: Published a post | Extensions I use on Chrome

Thought I’d end up with october without any post? Well no. So here’s my Google Chrome extensions collection.

01.10.2017: Moved the site to a new house

Things were not quite smooth in the old home. So we’ve moved to a more reliable and faster server. During this move, we were offline only just for a few minutes.

29.09.2017: New post | Great chat on Afropop

Prepared a wonderful post interviewing with Boat Agyei. Go to the home page and browse through my post to read this perfect interview.

12.09.2017: A great interview is on it’s way

Don’t want to say much here. You will be able to read it all when the post is published. Stay tuned!

06.09.2017: Activated the AMP module

AMP, or Accelerated mobile pages, is a project launched by Google in 2015 to make webpages load faster on mobile. When you reach to my site from Google search, you will see the AMP version of the page.