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Welcome to my music page!

As you know, one of my main point on this site is music, which is a passion and a guide for almost every moment of my life. I can describe music as a medicine in each and every condition. I like listening to songs in various genres and languages, and I follow various music charts. I like to enlarge my music collection every day and feeling so excited listening to each new song I discover. Sharing the songs I like with my friends, and asking for new songs from them is one of my favorite things I enjoy doing the most. It was same joy when I first heard a Chinese song 11 years ago, and still the same when I hear an african song today.

I also compose music, tons of songs I listen to, as well as things I encounter and experience are my muse. One day, that was the time that my DJ and producer friend Alex wanted to hear one of my compositions. He then really liked it, told me that he certainly can arrange it and we can publish this song. That’s how my musical career digitally started. I’ll no longer forget the melodies in a few days or save them on my computer but do nothing.

After days of hard work, I then released the single Good old Days on february 18, 2018. Then we began working for my very first album project 27, that is dedicated for my 27th age to make it special. I released the album 27 on 08.06.2018 containing 5 EDM tracks, a solo piano and a progressive rock track.

While genre of my songs are mostly House and EDM, you can hear a lot of sounds like rock and acoustic as well.