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Brand-new page on my musical journey: Triple

I am thrilled to introduce Triple, a brand-new page on my musical journey,. Triple consists of three fascinating songs I have chosen from among the projects we have been working on for nearly a year.

Last year, I released my Good Old Days single first, then Hello 27 EP and made one of my dreams come true. I received very positive feedback and a lot of constructive criticism that encouraged me to strive for better. As I released Hello 27 and watched how this delightful journey would be directed, I started to make new music from July. My goal was to reveal my style clearly and to combine the instruments that we always considered in a very different way, and to place the concept of “Kunduz’s sound” in Stereo Stickman, which Rebecca Cullen interpreted my music. As you all know, while I managed to combine the flute and saxophone in Hello (Don’t Give Up) in a live house rhythm, I was able to combine string instruments in the Explorer in a light EDM concept.

What’s included in Triple?

Triple features Momentum, All Over Again and Flavour

Momentum, in essence, is a very moving song that contains the 80s, 90s and present-day inspirations. With a start reminiscent of the Eurodance culture of the ’90s, Momentum stimulates the audience in the following seconds, further increasing its strength and opening up space for strings. After revealing vocal touches, the album’s signature, retro melody, comes forward. I have prepared this song for you to enjoy your exercises in a variety of formats, where you can listen to all the channels separately and together.

I think I’ve experimented quite a different style with ‘All Over Again’. That’s the most important reason I chose it as the featured song. In this song, which is moving from beginning to end emotionally, a calm rhythm is accompanied by a piano and EDM elements. In the hustle of life, it always feels better to remember our loved ones and spend time with them. I wrote this song, which accompanies happy and romantic moments, in one of those moments that I wanted to start over and forget about everything that bothers me.

My devoted followers know that I’ve had a lot of sympathy for the Afrobeat genre for almost two years. I shared my idea of creating a song by adding a piece of my musical taste with my friend Victor Lance, who lives in Nigeria, and I’m proud to say that we put our signatures under an excellent work together. ‘Flavour’ begins with a familiar example of Afrobeat and becomes completely different from a warm flute melody. In the following seconds, the style switches from Afrobeat to EDM, but then we achieve the blending of both.

In the meantime, I’ve got the promise from Victor to make an interview about this song, the other arrangements we made with him, and his own daily life. I can’t wait to include this interview in my future articles.

I need your support

Your continued support will help me to make more great tracks and collaborate with more people across the globe. Triple is everywhere, so please stream or buy Triple from your favorite platform of choice. Every single stream means so much and I look forward to gain more listeners.

Which song you like the most from Triple? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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