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I’ve created this page to share the Spotify playlists that I’ve made and will be constantly updating. Enjoy!

Road trip songs from all around the world

This playlist will make you travel the whole world. No matter where are you going. Just sit back and enjoy🎧

Songs from Turkey to New Zealand, Japan to Mali, Finland to Malaysia… Over 130 songs to keep you company. This playlist brings the world of music together. I’ll try my best to update this playlist regularly.

Mongolian Playlist🇲🇳

All about Mongolian music! Hanggai, A-Sound, Guys, Sarantuya B, Nomin Talts, Honeymoon, Киви, The Lemons and much more to be heard in this playlist.

My favorite soft pop/love songs

As the name says, this playlist is all about English soft pop and love songs from 90’s, 00’s and today. Adele, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Sam Smith and many more.

Shazam songs

This Shazam playlist has The songs I’ve been discovering for more than 5 years.