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Hello 27

Last updated on Wednesday June 27th, 2018

Look how time flies! The beginning of 2018 is just like yesterday but now we’re half way through it. It was my 27th birthday 12 days ago. I said hello world in a hot day of june 27 years ago, and now here I say hello to my 27th age.

For around 1 year, I was wishing my 27th age to be a special one so we were working for something good behind closed doors. We then let you hear the footsteps of upcoming things by publishing the Good Old Days single. So now it’s time to enjoy the results coming from months of hard but entertaining work.

New Album: Hello 27!

Only my close friends used to know about this album dream. In the meantime, we were quietly preparing for the things I want to achieve with my producer friend. So here’s the album, consisting of 7 songs that each of them are mean so much to me. With your comments and support, it will reach out to more people, and I will be able to produce much better sounds in the future.


It will take only 30 minutes for you to buy and listen to all of the songs in this album. But what you are going to do is something I will truly appreciate.

The album starts playing with a quiet piano intro. Then you hear a mood boosting track that whispers in your ears saying don’t give up. Up next you hear the song that makes you feel the holiday spirit and makes you feel like a winner. The next song makes the tempo go down a little bit and you feel like you travel in places you’ve never been before. Next song makes you realize the fact that you’re missing someone or some people and it’s been some time that you guys haven’t seen each other. The 6th track is an emotional rock ballad. In this track you’ll remember the sad moments of your life and realize that life is too short and the memories you have mean more than gold. Finally the 7th track takes you back to the party mood it’s because… Well, you need it.

  • 01 You
  • 02 Hello (Don’t Give Up)
  • 03 That’s how saturdays should be
  • 04 Explorer
  • 05 Hold My Hand
  • 06 Miserable
  • 07 Till the Heart Breaks

I need your support

I can make songs like these, or even better ones only if you have your support with me. We’ve tried our best to make Hello 27 available as many stores worldwide as we can. You can show your support by purchasing the album from the digital store of your choice, or stream online for free on select services. Each purchase, and each stream means so much to me.


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