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Coronavirus and online safety: Are you cautious enough?

We are all home these days because of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has taken the whole world under its influence. We have to stay home for a while and comply with all calls for social isolation. It has been exactly 28 days since the first positive case reported in Turkey. The number of diagnoses and, unfortunately, death toll due to the virus, continue to increase.

Measures are taken to prevent the spread of the virus, such as closing schools and switching to remote online education, canceling sports organizations, imposing travel restrictions, and finally, introducing a curfew to citizens under 20 and over 65 (In Turkey). As of today, it’s my 24th day at home. Like the vast majority, I am grateful for the presence of my internet connection.

In this post, I would like to remind you especially what you need to pay attention during your internet usage these days. I had written similar articles before, but now we are experiencing an extraordinary situation, which we have to be much more careful and cautious than the usual. In addition to taking care of your health, you should not neglect your online safety. Very small mistakes you make with a moment of inattention can be difficult to compensate. I hope you can read this pos tcarefully.
Unfortunately, we are faced with both the danger of coronavirus and virtual enemies, and they are all really strong.

Campaigns, promotions and free distributed services

Unfortunately, this pandemic has swept all over the world. We have to isolate ourselves. While everybody is at home, big companies also give the users a gesture; and announced various campaigns with the strategy of turning a kind of crisis into an opportunity. Some will provide free service for a while, and some will offer discounted memberships for some time. It is possible that you have had the chance to try a service that you love and have long planned to use during this global crisis. However, there are some points to be aware of in this case.

You should make sure that the offer really came from the relevant company. If you share your contact and card information with these fraudsters who imitate the companies’ logos, e-mail addresses, websites, you may be in a very difficult situation. Keep in mind that banks are not working at their usual pace these days.

Keep in mind that if you have paid to a real company within the campaign, prices will return to normal after this period, and will probably even be higher than the old price. Know what and where you’re paying and keep your virtual payment receipts. In campaigns such as 3-month and 6-month, do not forget to turn off the automatic payment renewal option after the period. I think that if you wish to pay for a service that you will try for the first time, you wouldn’t be happy to see big numbers on your card statement since you may not use this service after the discount subscription period.

Ridiculous fake discounts on online shopping sites, up to 80% and 90%

It seems that the shopping sites have implemented the same policy they have applied on Big discount days Such discounts are very unreasonable, especially when more food and cleaning materials are needed. However, as always, they sell again and are constantly clicked. It’s mind-blowing…

Online dating apps were waiting for this moment

You can’t go out, meet new people and socialize, but don’t worry at all. You, yes, you are on the radar of online dating apps. They are also aware of this crisis and are trying with all their might. Gold, premium, vip or whatever the name is, they include you among those members by getting out of the nonsensical places and catching an instant pensiveness of you. Then, get rid of it if you can…

Since such pages are constantly opened and shut down, having your credit card information on a page that is no longer reachable can compete with the horror movies. You may have to change your card, e-mail address, or phone number for the worst scenario.

Cyberbullying hurts deeper

It is also apparent that we spend more time on social media these days. You can witness that those who comment only for nonsense are filled under your post. While this type of people normally has the greatest pleasure to do this, they also take their share of this crisis, become more arrogant, and attack more heavily. Warn yourself first, then your family and loved ones against these unbelievable creatures. Do not forget to complain by documenting such behavior.

Your personal data sells a lot now

I don’t know what is the situation on your side, but my spam box is overflowing these days. I always check here, as I know that some important mail is also marked as spam. I get more angry every time.

How come those sites that I never know, know my name and surname? Believe me, I can’t understand. Nowadays, they are getting more and more. Do not respond to this type of messages in any way, do not open the attachments they send.

I also receive messages and calls from weird numbers that ask for donations, moneylenders or even want to talk to me pretending like they were my bank. Apparently, the “stay at home” alert brought life to this kind of fake telemarketing industry. It is even said that there are people looking for the COVID-19 test to defraud.

Don’t be extra-curious just because you have enough time

Be careful when installing apps you’ve never heard of before. There is tremendous activity in application markets in the past month. As you can imagine, the purpose is to sell advertisements and to store your personal data for future use.

Speaking of curiosity, don’t even wonder about online gambling sites and pages that publish adult content. You can be sure that they are only interested in the money in your pocket right now.


Your online safety is important, but your health is above all. Wash your hands often, avoid physical contact, be sure to eat well, do not smoke (I’m so happy to say this while I got the chance) and of course stay home.


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