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Little things I Want to Change About Myself

Last updated on Monday March 11th, 2019

Sometimes I forget that this is my blog and I have to write more about myself. I’ve been doing this more often lately. I can say that I’m feeling much better. It’s a perfect thing to write something and have them permanent. Of course if I don’t forget the recurring payments for the blog. 🙂

Don’t worry when you spend too much for what you love. But be cautious for sure. I think I’ve been a little irresponsible about this sometimes. I took such a start because I’m going to write about the little things I want to change. When I look at my credit card statement, I see small spendings and this thing repeats every month. I go ahead and buy an ad-free version of an app, spend a lot of money online and spend extra money for electronics… I need to be more careful about it.

If I tell a joke, I laugh more than anyone

I know I’m not alone. . There are even those who read and say, ‘This is what happens to me’. While the purpose is to make people laugh at my jokes, I laugh more than most of them. It doesn’t bother me at all, but when it’s about the quality of the joke and sometimes when I laugh alone, It gets colder inside but I start to sweat.

I just don’t like noise

You’d say, who likes noise. But wait! I don’t know anyone who likes noises around them. But what I mean is a bit different.

As I deeply focus on something, even a noise that I would normally tolerate just irritates me. and I get distracted.

I searched about this thing, and as expected, the negative effects of spending a lot of time with computers and phones are often mentioned. It’s suggested that we should get away from them if it’s possible, and let our ears hear different voices. For this we need to go to different places to rest our body and soul, But I always find it more attractive to spend time in bed.

I mess things up even when I have to talk about the things I know very well

Even if I know about certain thing very well, I confuse the order of things I have to say. When I realize that I’m stuck, I get worried about what the other person thinks while listening to me.

Actually the solution is rather simple. I should express myself with more simple sentences. I’m much better when it comes to writing. I need to speak more, read more.

How do you watch a movie till it ends?

I must confess. There are very few movies I’ve watched so far, Except the movies I watched with my family. I say ‘okay, let’s do this!’ I decide to watch something, but something always distracts me.

I admire people those watch thousands of movies and have certain series they follow. I haven’t watched much and that’s why I’m so weak about cinema knowledge. This is where I take a deep sigh when I have to answer questions about movies. How am I supposed to know who won that award…

I want to get along well with dogs

Dogs are very cute animals. And for me especially the little ones. I’ve also heard a lot of stories from the dog owners about how they are with people. But I still don’t understand why every dog bark makes me nervous. If I spend a few days with dogs, I think I’m gonna fix this.

I’m not really afraid of them. I also don’t find disgusting touching a dog in the street. But dogs, don’t bark so loud please 🙂

What would you like to change about yourself?

The comments section is ready waiting for you. Just let it out!


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