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It’s a Return

(Turkish) Nasıl giriş yapayım, nereden başlayayım bilmiyorum. Bir yaz daha bitti diyerek üzüleyim mi, sıcaklardan kurtulduk da biraz nefes aldık diye sevineyim mi? Bir süredir her şeye küstüğüm kadar buralara da küstüm. Kendime yabancılaştıkça kendime ait olan her şeyden kaçtım. Neler oldu, neler bitti diye uzun uzun anlatmanın da ne yeri ne de zamanı şimdi…

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Meeting someone famous on the internet

I’ve noticed that it’s more than one year since I last posted within Internet Memories posts. Think the time has come. In this post, I’ll share two of my internet memories that got me quite surprised almost 7 years ago. Sometimes I just think that we’re all surrounded by a lot of coincidences by the life…

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Why is time passing so fast?

This is one of the most common questions that most people ask themselves and those around them. I will ask myself why is time Passing so fast, and I will try to give answers in this post. Let me tell you honestly in advance that we won’t able to reach to a definite conclusion by the end of the post, but please keep on reading if you don’t have something important else to do…

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My birthday post for this year: Things that I haven’t done

As I’ve just turned 28 today, I’d like to write a confession or a self criticism post this time. I’ll write about things I couldn’t do, or haven’t done By hiding myself behind the excuses like lack of time, money and so on. I want this post to be a milestone and a public to do list. English version of this post will be coming up shortly.

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Talking to a foreigner for the first time

I can’t forget the first things in my life, just like anyone else. And I’d like to make them live forever if I got the chance. I sometimes look back in time Just to see the things I’ve been through, what things I succeed and what kind of person I used to be. In this post, I’ll take you back to the summer of 2007…

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Little things I Want to Change About Myself

Sometimes I forget that this is my blog and I have to write more about myself. I’ve been doing this more often lately. I can say that I’m feeling much better. It’s a perfect thing to write something and have them permanent. Of course if I don’t forget the recurring payments for the blog. 🙂

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