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Should you really buy an iPod Touch in 2019

Last updated on Thursday February 7th, 2019

In this post, I’ll try to explain about what you can or can’t do with an iPod Touch, and most importantly, should you really buy one or not.
The last edition to the iPod Touch series is the 6th gen, and it was released in 2015.
Through the years, The iPod was an essential MP3 player of Apple. As my post says, if I have to talk about iPod Touch in particular, the very first iPod touch was introduced in september 2007. Since there was no alternative to the iPod for a long time, it has been sold more than 100 million as of 2017. Looking at the numbers in terms of sales, Apple still officially sells iPods because there are still considerable amount of buyers in 2018.

The suggested price for an iPod touch is $199 (for the 32 GB version) And I have the 64 GB version which is no longer available. I decided to write this post after months of usage experience.

Let me try to answer the questions for should you really buy an iPod Touch or not, based on my experience.

a pink iPod Touch

Why you can still buy?

As I mentioned above, although producing new iPods has officially stopped by Apple, the iPod’s place in terms of sales is still secure. If you want to buy one while the sales are still going on, one of the following reasons is absolutely right for you. 🙂

You can experience the world of iOS in a low price

The 6th gen iPod Touch has received the iOS 12 update and continues to use the most up to date OS, like all other iPhone / iPads. In this case, if you want to experience iOS, but your budget is not enough to afford an iPhone; Buying an iPod Touch can be the right choice for you.

It can be the right choice for children

The iPod Touch can run all the applications and games that an iPhone can run. With 4 inches of display, you can easily watch videos and use social networking apps without any hassle. But oh those kids…

Refund requests in app stores mostly consist of accidental purchases. When kids are playing games on phones that don’t security settings set up, they can make in-app purchases by thinking they don’t want to be interrupted by ads during an exciting moment of the game, or take that car by paying money. Parents give their phones or tablets to their kids just to take a breathe for a few minutes. When children discover the device, sometimes they can do things you can’t really imagine.

Unlike iPhones, Only wireless connection is available on the iPod Touch. That’s why you can easily give your child an iPod. You can download games that can be played offline as much as you like, or you can keep Wi-fi turned on but unauthorize the iPod for purchases.

Some of it’s functions makes you want to buy an iPod

Talking about iPod touch 6th gen, it’s weight is only 88G. Looking at the iPhone 8, it is exactly 148G. iPod touch has a mono loud speaker but the sound output is not too bad. If you listen to the music with it’s headphones, the audio quality is much better than most of the iPhones in my opinion. If you still have the feeling of having an MP3 player style devices for music listening, iPod touch can be the right choice for you.

It is good for travelers

We like to do all of the things with our phones when we’re away from home, but that causes battery issues and rarely memory issues. If you buy an iPod Touch, you can give your phone a break because the iPod can play music for 40 hours, and you can watch videos up to 8 hours.

Why you shouldn’t really buy it?

It’s absolutely up to you whether you should buy or not to buy an iPod, but if the following reasons describe you, the iPod Touch may not be the thing for you.

If you have an iPhone

If you already have an iPhone and are considering buying an iPod Touch, remember that you can do everything you can with the iPod Touch and much more with the beautiful iPhone in your hand.

If the cellular network matters for you

The iPod Touch can only connect to the Internet via wi-fi. If you want to listen to music or watch videos online outside, the iPod Touch won’t be the right choice for you.

If you wish to have the latest version of iOS

I wrote above that the iPod Touch works with the latest iOS. But shortly thereafter, software support for the iPod may come to an end. Well who knows 🙂


iPod Touch, a quite stylish device by its shape and features, is now seriously miles away from its old days. Although sales are still going on, it’s important to think carefully before buying one for yourself.

Update: I replaced my iPhone SE with Xiaomi Mi A2 earlier this year. Now I use my iPod more often to keep up with iOS developments and applications. I also download my Spotify lists to iPod instead of the phone for offline listening. I can’t say that it’s okay in terms of battery life, especially when wifi is turned on. When you finish your things, or when your downloads are done, I suggest you turn off wifi in the settings, not from the quick settings on the control center.


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