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Meeting someone famous on the internet

Last updated on Tuesday June 29th, 2021

I’ve noticed that it’s more than one year since I last posted within Internet Memories posts. Think the time has come. In this post, I’ll share two of my internet memories that got me quite surprised almost 7 years ago. Sometimes I just think that we’re all surrounded by a lot of coincidences by the life.

Before I start, I’d like to tell you something that I’m so frustrated about. Until a few years ago, we had the opportunity to meet people for only language practice and we had various alternatives. But unfortunately, bad intended people came and the fact that it’s really hard to moderate them caused such platforms to shut down one by one. There are still a few portals alive, but none of them gives the same feeling as before.

Let me start with the first one.

I still remember very well. On a cold Saturday, I started chatting with a guy from Ghana. He was 22 just like me. As soon as we started talking, he said he wanted to talk about football. Even said that he is a professional footballer. He kept on saying that his biggest dream was to play for an European team. We talked about Asamoah Gyan and many more things that Ghana did at the 2010 world cup. Ghana was the third African country to make it to the quarter-finals after Cameroon (1990) and Senegal (2002), They dramatically lost to Uruguay before almost making it to the semifinal. In those days, the idea of ‘a professional footballer using the internet for language practice’ didn’t make much sense to me. Frankly, I didn’t believe in his words. In the following days he kept on texting like, “I can play in Turkey. You can help me find a team. Maybe you could be my player agent.” I blocked him as I was bored of those messages. The last message was saying that he is moving to Finland as he got an offer. Now I don’t know where is he and what is he doing.

Just another day, while we were in a group call, everyone was asking people on their contact list whether they would like to join us in order to make this call more interesting. A man within someone’s list, who’s from Russia agreed to join. He was 36 years old and said that he is a musician. His instruments were piano and keyboard. As soon as he joined, he immediately caught our attention. We couldn’t stop laughing because the way he speaks seemed a bit strange to us. He couldn’t stand it no more and began laughing as well. We even asked if he was drunk. It turned out that how he speaks was always that way. Behold, a slow but rather slow way of speaking. It was taking him too long to explain something, and we couldn’t stop laughing. I asked if he could play something for us. Wait, he said. We got so excited while we were expecting him to come back.

He first connected something to the computer, then turned on his keyboard. ‘Are you ready?’ he asked after pressing a few notes. He was talking in such a slov motion, but he got a completely different identity while singing. He sang very nice Russian songs for us almost for an hour. Who knows, maybe we had met someone very famous that day. Because it was apparent that he was a special artist. We asked for his name many times, but he refused to share his real name. He had only one nickname, that was Vlad36. But that information wasn’t enough for us to find out who this man really was…

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