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Hello and welcome to the page where you can get to know me!


My name is Salih as you can guess from the name of my site. As of the time of writing this page, I am 30 years old and living in Istanbul. I work for the government and I am a student in distance learning program, International Relations Department.

I was born in Samsun in June, 29 years ago. I visit my hometown regularly, but spending most part of my life in Istanbul for a living. I finished primary and high school in Istanbul, and still continuing my working life here. I am blind, but I never let it limit what I want to achieve. I studied in elementary school for the blind. My curiosity about foreign languages ​​and electronic devices comes from those times. Even before our English lessons started, I was curious and was reading the English book of 4th grade. Thus, I decided to study the language major in high school and learned many things without any difficulty.

Where did the idea of launching a website come from?

I wrote above that I was curious about electronic devices when I was a child. Of course, I can count computers and cell phones at the top of the list. I was 11 at that time when I met computers for the first time. From that time on, I tried to learn something. Especially after getting a computer at our home, I had the opportunity to develop my skills much more. Even in those days, I used to write something by my own, save it and then delete again. In the days I first met Internet, it seemed to me that having a website was really cool. I can not say that I am successful in web design, but I always dreamed of having a web page with my name. I used to Write my name on the address bar and tell myself I will get this domain in the future:)
When I was about 18, I came to know about blogs and I did some experiments with a few blogs that I wrote about myself. At that time I also began testing myself with software translations. I launched blog which was a big success for me, To share my translations with everyone. Seriously, I have reached to surprisingly unexpected number of readers and subscribers.

After continuing my journey with this blog for a while, where I shared more personal writings, I launched this website to do more and finally I did what I always wanted.

What do I like?

I love anything about technology, football and basketball, Listening to music, singing, reading daily things, writing, meeting new people, learning new languages and getting to know new things I haven’t heard before.
I try to learn something from two different opinions on any given topic. As you can see on this site, I write more on technology, sports and music.

What kind of music do I like to listen to?

I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood. Popular music, turkish music, classics, rock, house / electronic, country, music in variety of languages, 80s-90s etc.

I follow music lists in many countries and genres. I like expanding my music collection by following song competitions, especially Eurovision. I enjoy discovering new songs and listening to the covers made for popular songs on Youtube and Spotify..

I’m nota professional musician, but I can say that I have the musical notation knowledge and the music ear in a simple sense. I have been composing music myself for a long time, inspiring from the things I experienced and various events being happened around me, using just virtual instruments. During a conversation with my good friend Alex B, who is a DJ and a producer, he wanted to listen to one of my compositions. He then offered me to arrange and send it for record labels to publish. So ., My digital music career has unexpectedly begun. Later on, we released my single Good Old Days on digital stores.

What about sports?

Unfortunately, I am not practicing any sports… I was interested in chess for a while but that didn’t take very long. I am an active sports follower instead 🙂

Football is the sport I enjoy the most. I’m a Fenerbahçe fan. I try to follow the European leagues as much as I can. Teams like Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen and Rangers,are my favourite clubs as well.

In basketball, I go more for european cup, worldcup, euroleague and Turkish league, and in tennis I’m a big fan of Roger Federer.

What do I read?

I’m really addicted to read Wikipedia articles and I at least spend 30 minutes each day in the website. Countries, life styles, beliefs, cultures, languages, music genres, inventions, inventors, biographies and achievement stories are the things I find attractive to read. I often read news, humorous writings and blog articles, listen to podcasts. I like reading novels, life stories historical and cultural books, as well a travel writings. I also translated some stories in english for language practice purposes.

What am I doing lately?

As you read above, my digital music adventure has begun. I’ve been continuing composing new tracks and make arrangements with my friend Victor.

I also enjoy translating web contents and softwares into Turkish. Nowadays, I am taking part in many translation projects.
I am doing some works about disabled people and assistive softwares to make our lifes easier.

I’m the Turkey representative for The Netherlands based Envision AI app, which was formed to make life more easier for the blind with support of artificial inteligency.

More projects will be added with time in this page, so be sure to check regularly.

You can find links to social networks I use at the footer.