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Jabra Elite 65T true wireless earbuds review

In this post, you’ll find my personal review of the Jabra Elite 65t, which I started using some time ago. I hope it will be useful for those who will experience true wireless headphones for the first time, or replace their headphones. At the end of my review, I will also share a short microphone test video in Turkish. As you may guess there are a lot of reviews you can find about the headphones but it is almost impossible to find a microphone test.

What is a true wireless headphone?

True wireless headphones are just one of many technological products that have recently entered our lives. With the improvements on the Bluetooth technology, experienced companies in the field of sound and headsets also began to showcase their products. As they introduce new headsets every year, they slowly save the consumers from being dependent on cables. Allthough the prices are somehow reduced with more products being offered, it is not possible to find high-end headphones for every budget.

True wireless headphones work without any cable. As you might expect, these headphones use bluetooth technology. Users can listen to music and make phone calls even if they are within a certain distance of their devices. Audio technology used in the headphones, battery life and ergonomics directly affect the market prices. Some headphones are specially designed to make high quality phone calls, while some models are made for the best music experience. When you think of true wireless headphones, the most commons are without doubt the Apple airpods, Sennheiser Momentum and Jabra Elite series.

Guess it’s enough introduction. Let’s get to know the Jabra Elite 65T.

Jabra really knows what to do

Famous of making wireless headphones and speakers, the Danish-based Jabra offers affordable solutions for both personal and corporate use. Nowadays the most affordable wireless headphones from the Jabra Elite series are the Elite 65T earbuds.

Image of the Jabra Elite 65T earbuds. Source: Phonearena

You can call them a pair of wireless in-ear earbuds. They use Bluetooth 5.0 version and can connect to two different devices at the same time. The Elite 65t can remember the profile information of 8 different devices. The right bud features a single button, also called the magic button, and the left bud features two buttons that allow you to control the volume and the music play. Earbuds can be controlled with the dedicated sound+ app for Android and iOS. With Sound+, you can find your lost Elite 65t, adjust equalizer settings and check for firmware updates.

By pressing the magic button for a few seconds, the earbuds can be turned on or off. The voice assistant such as Google Assistant or Siri can be activated with a one second of long press. Single press can play / stop the music, and can answer or hang up the calls. The earbuds also have voice guidance, which can speak the connection and battery status, also reports the caller ID when you have an incoming call. Voice prompts can be turned on or off, and spoken language can be changed using the Sound+ app.

Elite 65t offers approximately 5 hours of battery life. The charging case can charge the earbuds twice. You can simply have a full day with a fully charged case. The charging case is fully charged in almost 2 hours and recharges the earbuds at the same time.

It takes a while to get familiar

Earbuds are quite compact but can cause a bit of trouble at first for someone who is not familiar with in-ear headphones. When you wear the buds correctly, you can hear very little outside noise. When you play music, you can no longer hear any sound around you, it just lets you enjoy your music without any distraction. If you wish to hear what’s happening around you, Jabra also has a solution for that. Press the magic button twice, and hear through will be activated. This allows you to clearly hear the sounds around you through the microphones on each buds when you need.

Sound performance

what I was most curious about before Igot the Elite 65T was whether it supports HD voice for calls. If you use a model that doesn’T support HD voice, you’LL get a low-quality sound from the apps such as FaceTime, duo, and Skype as they are really popular for calls through internet connection.

Elite 65T is really successful handling both cellular and internet calls in HD voice. The sound you get is clear and you won’t experience any delay / interruption, unless you get away from your phone more than recommended distance 🙂 My friends say that they hear me crystal clear. Even in noisy and especially windy environments, your friends or collagues can hear you well enough thanks to two dedicated microphones in each buds.

It’s also possible if you wish to use single earbud and hear the sounds around you with your other ear. However, you have to use the right bud for single use. Just wear the right earbud and put the left one in the charging case.

The sound quality while listening music is really good that you won’t regret buying it. I am very satisfied with my experience using both my Android phone and iPod. With the Sound + app, you can make the desired equalizer settings. The buttons on the left earphone react quickly enough to commands for turning on the volume and move through songs.

The cons

What is often being criticized about this model is charging case. The material used for the case feels not so secure. It takes time for you to learn how to open the lid. When you remove the headphones from the charging case, there are times when the left bud rarely won’t work. I hope they can solve this with future firmware updates.

Audio latency, which is a chronical problem of Android OS, also affects this model a little bit. Although the audio latency may vary from one device to another, for me it is more significant because I use my Mi A2 with TalkBack screen reader. However, for some reason, I have no latency during the calls and I really enjoy it. As I have calls, I can hear TalkBack with no delay. I can say that during calls, the Elite 65T has almost the performance of any wired headphones.

On the iPod touch with VoiceOver turned on, the latency is tolerable. Just like Mi A2, there is no delay during calls.

Microphone test


Jabra Elite 65t has almost every feature I expect from a true wireless headphone. The earbuds are also compatible with computers that support bluetooth. Connection speed is simply amazing. The charging case is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and it’s lightweight.

Overall, I’m really satisfied for price and performance.


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