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Tag: Accessibility

How it started, How it’s going: My 4 years of journey with WordPress

It’s been 4 years since I permanently switched to WordPress. So I decided to prepare this post. I will evaluate what I have done from the day I started until now and make a self-criticism in some parts. Before my complete switch, I’ve tested myself in various ways on my web hosting, but I didn’t dare to leave my comfort zone…


Interesting responses from app developers to my accessibility related feedback

I have been using so called smart phones for about 7 years and have been in contact with dozens of developers for various reasons so far. The most important of these reasons is accessibility, for sure.

In this post, I will share the most interesting responses I received from developers to my accessibility related feedbacks and fun dialogs we had. At the end of the post, I will specially thank a team of developers that we have been working with recently and have achieved success in a very short amount of time…


Things you need to know about new Skype for desktop

Skype’s interface for desktop, which we’ve been familiar for over 6 years, retired on november and will not be available to use after that date. The decision Microsoft made to improve Skype and increase the number of users is likely to affect people relying skype for personal communication and business purposes. Let’s have a look at what will change in new Skype…


Geliştiriciler için erişilebilir Android uygulama geliştirme rehberi

Yöneticisi olduğum Engelsiz Android ekibi olarak defalarca uygulama geliştiricileriyle çeşitli yollardan iletişim kurduk. Uygulamaların görme engellilerin kullanımına uygun hale getirilmesi, erişilebilirlik düzeyinde iyileştirilmeler yapılması vb. konularda geliştiricilere fikirler sunduk ve halen çalışmalarımıza devam ediyoruz…