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Music for the Good Old Days

Last updated on Tuesday June 26th, 2018

It’s obviously right that the Good Old Days will never come again. But we have the power to have them with us as memories. Good Old Days are the guiding light for us on our way to new and upcoming memories…..

Yeah, I took a start talking about good times. You might be asking like, what is he talking aboutt. But let me explain.

I like music, I really do. I listen to music at home, at work, on the road, or while working. Because music is my medicine and meditation. When I hear a new song, I play it over and over but still I can’t get enough. I can’t play any instrument, my voice is not the best for singing either. But through it all, I also like writing some temporary lyrics and melodies, but they are just on my mind and they disappear after some minutes. however once a while ago, there was such a melody and I tried so hard not to forget. And yes, I didn’t forget it. I always had a dream of making music somewhere and somehow. I was really hoping for such an opportunity. I found this awesome guy Alex and showed him the melody with some virtual instruments. Yes, he really liked it, he got excited much more than me. Told me we should make it a real song. So here’s the story.

Music for the Good Old Days

We, Me and DJ Alex B. tried so hard trying to adjust things, instruments, effects, beat, tempo and many other elements. And one of my biggest dream finally came true. I HAVE A SONG. The song doesn’t contain any vocals, but it is a piece of an electronic / Deep House track with many nostalgic symbols and a catchy melody.

My Good Old Days single is available on major digital music stores. You can listen to it, buy it, share it and support me for my future music work. I dedicate this song for everyone who has some Good Old Days in their lifetime.

Buy Good Old Days on iTunes
Also, please
Stream Good Old Days on Spotify and add it to one of your lovely playlists.

Finally, special thanks go to my musical partner DJ Alex B.


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