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Top 5 Tones and I – Dance Monkey covers

Normally it was a tradition for me to write a review after the Eurovision song contest this time of the year, but the 2020 edition of the contest was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m still here with another post within the music category. Meanwhile, don’t tell me that you’ve never heard the song ‘Dance Monkey’

The Australian singer songwriter Tones and I, who broke the records and received numerous awards last year has reached more than one and a half billion streams on Spotify with her song Dance Monkey. On Youtube, the views are over 900 million. Dance Monkey is also among the most covered songs worldwide. In this post, I will list my top 5 Dance Monkey covers and share my comments respectively.

Tones and I

Toni Watson, or professionally Tones and I. Her catchy song Dance Monkey has reached #1 in 30 countries; has also managed to be number 1 in the UK singles charts for 11 weeks in a row.

Dance Monkey

Dance Monkey lyrics on Musixmatch

This is a song that can be covered in many different genres thanks to its musical structure. So much for that I hear new covers from Electronics to Rock every week. Finally I was able to choose 5 of them. Each one is different and really amazing. Let’s start by listening the original version first. Then I’ll continue with the covers.

#5: Dance Monkey – Kurt Hugo Schneider & Ni/co Cover (Acoustic

Guitar and vocals are harmonized so well. You can easily notice that the song is trying to follow the original. I think this is one of the most watched among the Dance Monkey covers.

#4: Dance monkey – Second Team ft. Tasya Bintang] cover (Metal

Second team are an Indonesian band. Their cover is a quality metal version with a strong female vocals. The cover video has more than 200000 views already.

#3: Dance Monkey – Denis Kalytovskyi cover (Acoustic/Piano)

Denis, a Ukrainian Youtuber, who’s also a software engineer, is just 19 years old. His dance monkey cover is really emotional. He has a strong voice. The accompanying piano is simply perfect.

#2: Dance Monkey – Stephanie Madrian Cover (Pop)

22-year-old Austrian Stephanie Madrian is the owner of this cover that has over 6 million views. She has a versatile voice and can sing in various genres. This is very clear in her the Dance Monkey cover. She reached 3 million views just in one month after publishing this cover.

#1: Dance Monkey – Refeci & Michel Fannoun cover (EDM/Deep House)

This cover has only 25,000 views, but it is by far my favorite. The vocals of Michel Fannoun ads a completely different atmosphere to the perfect Deep house instrumental of Danish Refeci. I haven’t listened to the original song that much, but this version is one of my favorites these days As it has a similar style to my tracks, I was like ‘THAT’S IT’ at the very first listen.

So, which one do you like the most? Share in comments below.


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