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Eversince the day I built my website; I worked with people who were knowledgeable, excited,, helpful and talented. By leaving this page for them and introducing themselves to you; I also would like to thank them for their contribution and quality work.

For the logo and the podcast cover

I worked with M Yusuf Girgin For my eyecatching logo Ritzvyas‘ for the podcast cover. He is a talented designer from India.

For the site security and many more

I worked with Attiq Haroon for security and other functions of my website. He is such an expert, he develops great websites and quite patient while dealing with problems.

For my podcast intro

I worked with Marc Jungermann who is a talented musician from Sweden.

I worked with Acele Web to be able to write in English.

Always there for me

And huge thanks go to my good friend Manjeet Verma
He is always there when I need.