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Electric toothbrush experience

Last updated on Wednesday January 2nd, 2019

In this post I will share my daily experience of using an electric toothbrush For those who are curious or have never tried this before, . I’ve been using a manual toothbrush until now. I didn’t really care about the brand and model of the brush I was using so far. I decided to buy an affordable electric toothbrush and have this experience. I will share my findings and the process periodically in this article. Don’t forget to check back every day.

Why an electric toothbrush?

I must say that I have done a thorough research on this matter. Electric toothbrushes provide much deeper tooth and gum cleaning than manual brushes. It also controls the time spent in the toothbrushing process, helping us to have better oral health.


The first electric toothbrush was produced about 90 years ago. The toothbrush produced by a Swiss-based company in the 1950s worked by plugged into a standard wall outlet and ran on line voltage. These toothbrushes were initially created for patients with limited motor skills and for orthodontic patients such as those with braces.

The first toothbrush working with a battery was made in the ’80s. However, due to the fact that the battery technology wasn’t really sufficiently developed, brushes had to be replaced by the new brushes instead of just the batteries. The weight of the brushes at that time was about 1.5 kilos. People used to prefer manual toothbrushes Instead of this rather luxurious technology. I don’t want to go into too much of technical details about the brushes used in old times. Besides, I didn’t understand too much 🙂

Nowadays, brushes working with internal battery or external AA/AAA batteries are often available. The technology used in the brush and the type of brush head is the most important criterion for making a good choice.

Important warnings

It is very important that you consult your dentist’s advice before using an electric toothbrush. If you are experiencing gum problems, or if you often experience bleeding even when you brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush may not be suitable for you.

The toothbrush of your choice should be depended on your gum sensitivity, The brush must have pressure control and most importantly, it must have round head. Round head brushes wrap your tooth and thoroughly clean the dental plaque. Depending on the quality of the toothpaste you use, plaque amount is seriously prevented.

My experience log

I placed my order on November 16th, and it’s delivered on the next day. I ordered the Oral-B Pro 750 Cross Action. The electric toothbrush itself, brush head, charger and a stylish travel box comes out of the box. With this product you can use all Oral-B’s brush heads, but Cross Action ones are recommended as the model is Cross Action. I’ve added a 4 piece of head within my order as a replacement.

The product needs to be charged before the first use. The full charge time is about 22 hours. With a full charge, the brush can be used for two weeks, with a two-minute and twice-daily brushing. Charging time is quite long so I spent a day waiting.

2nd day

Finally the charging process is complete and it’s time to brush my teeth. When you have such a product, you also wait for the time to brush your teeth. This is one of the purposes of why they made this product I think anyway.

Wash the head and apply enough toothpaste. But here is a very important point. Do not press the power button immediately after applying the paste, because the paste may splash all around. It is recommended that you place the brush on your teeth before pressing the power button.

When brushing you teeth, spend around 30 seconds on each corner of your mouth (total of 2 minutes) and guide the brush head slowly from tooth to tooth, spending a few seconds on each tooth. In this model, If you apply too much pressure on the teeth, you’ll see the warning light.

The brush sounded a bit loud to me. As it’s my first time, the idea of a brush moving very quickly in my mouth was a bit creepy. It is very important to brush the four parts of the teeth, roof of your mouth, and then gently brush your cheek and tongue. Finally, just turn off the brush and clean the head.

After second brush, I can say that I got more familiar with the sound and vibration. But still unfortunatelly applied several pressure especially while brushing the back of my teeth.

3rd day

I’m spending less time controlling the brush. But I still haven’t been able to do the brushing in four parts. This must be a habit left from the manual brushing times I suppose. I can say that my teeth are much cleaner. Didn’t really have any pain or bleeding so far. But we’ll have to wait a few more days to say something.

4th day

It’s real joy using the brush. Nothing much to say over yesterday. Everything is okay. I’ll write something about brush head tomorrow.

5th day

My tooth are much cleaner and I had no pain so far. But, ı think that the brush kind of fails while doing the cleaning between two teeth. But maybe it’s because of my brushing habits. I’ll do a bit research and inform you all about it.

6th and 7th day

It’s time to do a weekly review. I haven’t used a manual brush since Saturday. I didn’t change the toothpaste as well.. My teeth are much cleaner. There was no pain or bleeding during the day. That was what I was worried the most, you know.

Update 12th day

I was planning to update this post daily but something unexpected happened and I got flu. I couldn’t do anything for the past 3 days. The brush run out of battery on monday, 5 days before the expected time. But it’s not surprising for me, as I didn’t really charge it for 22 hours for a start.

13th day

As promised, today I’ll write about the brush head. The brush itself comes with a Cross Action brush but you can use any kind of Oral-B electric tooth brush head with this product. You must replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn.

I will be finalizing this post tomorrow by writing a conclusion. You won’t read anything negative about this brush.


Oral-B Pro 750 is an affordable brush, doing the job as expected. It also helped me getting the habit of regular teeth brush. Two times in a day, and two minutes each.

The only minus I can say is the fully charging time. You can trust this brush and buy it for yourself. But please consider the important warning I wrote above.

You can write your comments below.


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  1. Çağrı Artan Çağrı Artan

    Ben de Pro750 kullanıyorum dostum. Başlıkların yenilenme zamanı geldi, risk alıp tüm pro modellerle de uyumlu olduğunu duyduğum sensitive ucu deneyeceğim.
    Güzel ve yararlı bir yazı olmuş, emeklerine sağlık ayrıca.
    Yalnız kimi modellerde fazla baskıyı duyulabilen bir sinyal ile veriyorken bizim modellerde nedense bu durum ışıkla belirtiliyor, dolayısıyla baskı yapıp yapmadığımı anlayamıyorum doğrusu.
    Bir de şu ağzınızı dörde bölün meselesine ben de alışamadım. Kendi yöntemim, ilk 30 saniyeyi dış diş yüzeyiniin ön kısımlarına ayırıyor, ikinci aşamadan sonra sağ ve sol iç dış şeklinde bir kurguyla gitmeye çalışıyorum.
    Bu tip fırçaların benim gibi ağzında kocaman bişey dolaştığında öğürme refleksi tetiklenen insanlar için de başlıklarının küçüklüğü ve sirayet edebilecekleri yerlerin esnekliği düşünüldüğünde daha rahat ve temiz bir deneyim sunduğunu söyleyebilirim. Sadece Cross Action uç bana epey sert geldi, bu nedenden sensitive uçları bir deneme kararı aldım.

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