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If you need some motivation

Last updated on Tuesday February 12th, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself, what is really good for you? When do you feel okay with the things you do? When are you observing big absences in your life ? What take all the good things inside of you? As people question all of these, they realize the importance of time and spend this time by doing right things. If they have a purpose, they feel more happy. When they achieved their purpose, they enjoy the victory that was won against this hard life. But on the day you die, everything is over in this rush. While they still have the chance to turn the things on their favor, giving up and doing nothing about it, in fact, the greatest evil that man has made to himself.

Sometimes it can take a long time to realize your potential and what you can do. Sometimes you watch the years pass by unconsciously. There is an exhaustion of doing so much things, but from the time that passes with doing nothing, a fatigue, a feeling of being late, or whatever you call it, it remains.

You might be late tomorrow for what you want to do today. Or a situation that you didn’t calculate can prevent what you’re planning for tomorrow. When you look back in time, it’s good to you, if you managed to do many things in one way or another. But the more you postpone, the more you’re late for something, the more you sweep it back as you don’t trust yourself, it becomes a burden on your back one day. You try very hard to get rid of those burdens, but you think that “I could do all this things much easier before”, and you fall out of power again.

Naturally, you cannot hold yourself to get up. No matter what the sense, it is a hand that you need. That hand sometimes is the one you push, sometimes the one that is there to stay all the time on your side. We understand the value of good days when hard days come, the value of good people when they leave, the value of time that we lost when we have too little time to do something. This has not changed and it will never change.

When you think about all of this, you can better understand for what I’ve actually written my questions. I asked myself during a cold night that one thing led to another when i was thinking. When I talk to myself, I see someone who speaks very well and very sane. But when it comes to do something, he’s really, incomplete. I’m discouraged when I see that there’s a pile of things to do, and I’m bustle when I think I’ve lost too much time, I’m afraid to think of the place, timing and consequences of what I do, like most of us.

But no, not that much pessimistic, I’m not the one that you think I am. I know what’s good for me, when i feel okay what i do. It feels good to make others happy. Yeah, maybe I’m angry at myself for giving more than I take sometimes. But it won’t change. There are a lot of things in my life that irreplaceable. When I think of it, I can’t find anything that I can sacrifice for any promise. But I also know that I have lost a lot of power and time without any payoff. It’s what make me stunned and say just for a little time , “Okay, no matter what happens.” No matter how much you avoid looking at the clock, time goes by the same way. I am not comfortable with sending this huge box, that i can fit into it infinite things, empty or low.

No lies, I think of myself more than you when i am writing this article. Because it will be a great source of motivation for me when I turn back and read. But this is also for you 🙂 Ask yourself all of these! Lock yourself in a room if you can. Put the key wherever you want. But do not leave without a solid decision. If you think you have nothing to do … What can i say … You’ve already locked up somewhere, and you have swallowed the key on purpose…


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