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Design and accessibility

We have prepared this page with a professional, modern and innovative design concept.

While preparing the page, I aimed to offer both the compatibility with today’s technology and the simplest interface that could be user-friendly.

When you visit the site with different devices, the theme will automatically select the most appropriate layout and you will enjoy a quality navigation experience.

For example, when you visit the site via a smart phone; The content of the page will be highlighted and menu links will be displayed in a collapsed format.

When you visit this page with your tablet, the main menu links will be positioned in an expanded form on the sideline; Site content will also be displayed to cover the center of the screen.

The articles are listed in chronological order with 10 posts per page. You can use the defined quick navigation key to navigate through the headings to quickly navigate through posts with your screen reader.

I placed the search widget on the sidebar for a more convenient navigation. To quickly get to the search field, you can use your screen reader’s defined quick navigation key to scroll through the text fields.

At the top of the page you will find skip to content, and at the bottom of the page there is a quick button to scroll up. With these links you will spend less time navigating with your keyboard.

The skip to content link jumps through the main menu links at the top, and moves the cursor to the beginning of the first post. nevertheless, remember to check the links in the main menu periodically.

The scroll-up link, that you will see when you reach to the bottom of the page, moves the cursor on the skip to content link, that is, to the top of the page.

For easier access, I have pinned all of my projects as a submenu to the projects link on the main navigation menu. From now on, when you focus on projects link with your mouse or keyboard, you can press the expand button and all my projects will be listed. When navigating with your smartphone, you will also notice a button to expand the submenu.

We used a special compression technique to load pages quickly. The first time you visit the site, your browser will have a very small cache, so you will spend less time on your other future visits. When you visit the site via your mobile device, you will not spend much data because a special interface will greet you.

For maximum performance, I will not use any embedded content and will use minimum amount of ads from other sites. If there is content that was embedded, this content will be completely relevant to my works on other sites.

In order to get the most out of my site, I recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers on your Windows systems. If you are using one of these browsers, you may consider subscribing to the push notifications for news and updates.

For a maximum accessibility experience, use the NVDA screen reader on Windows. The interface I have on my site was tested with NVDA. The interface is 100% compatible with VoiceOver for iOS and Mac and TalkBack for Android as well..

This site uses cookies stored in your device for faster loading experience. You can get detailed information about cookies from my privacy page.