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My Chrome extensions collection

Last updated on Tuesday June 26th, 2018

I don’t think that Chrome needs a description here. With its simplicity, speed and customization, many computer and smartphone users are thrilled. In this article, I will introduce you my collection of extensions that I use in Chrome. Although Firefox is my default browser; I’ve been using Chrome for a long time, at certain times. I must say that In chrome, Especially Google apps work better, and even a few of them are integrated into the browser, making Chrome stand out in video content and much more successful on websites that still use flash.

My Chrome extensions collection

As you can see in my previous posts. I’ve also posted my Firefox addons collection. Because of my usage habits, the addons I use in Chrome (or (in Chrome logic, extensions) are pretty much the same, but there are a couple of very functional Chrome extensions that I really have to mention. So, let’s get started! 🙂

Since the browser is made by google, let’s start with the extensions published by them. As I wrote above, some of the extensions come pre-installed and they are ready to use.

Application launcher for drive

As it’s name says, this extension gives you quick access to Google Drive cloud service. Since you’re already signed in to your Google account, some data about Drive is being downloaded by the extension. Thus, the drive starts much faster. This is the main reason I use Chrome when I need to access Google Drive from the web.

Google Hangouts

I use this extension to quickly access the Hangouts service, start conversations, and access messages directly. It’s a great advantage to be available and reachable on Hangouts because it automatically opens when I launch Chrome..

Google Keep Chrome extension

you can use this extension to take notes on Google keep rather than going to the Keep website. You can quickly take notes and browse through your notes. If you are a real note taker like me, you must add this extension to your list of Chrome extensions.

Google Mail Checker

This extension is installed in Chrome by default. You can also take advantage of this tiny extension that lets you quickly get to your Gmail inbox and show you how many unread emails you have without opening your inbox.

My Chrome extensions collection

Let’s continue with 3rd party extensions:

AddToAny: Share Anywhere

With this extension, you can share the current page on any social network. With the AddToAny item added to the Context menu, you can use it’s functions in an easy and accessible way. Predefined networks are just a few, but with extension options, you can add as many social networks as you wish to the list in the context menu.

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Translate

This extension allows you to use a number of keyboard shortcuts that will make your work easier while using the Google translate web interface. My favorite shortcuts are as follows:

  • Switch among languages: Alt +0
  • List of source languages: alt + 8
  • List of target languages: alt + 9
  • Listen to the source text: Alt + Shift + l
  • Listen to the target text: Alt + l
  • Copy target text: Alt + c

Apart from these shortcuts, there are almost 20 shortcuts listed in the extension page.

Mercury Reader

Chrome does not have a reader view function that works like in Firefox. Mercury Reader is the most complete solution which you can use to get this functionality into your browser. You can activate the reader view by using the Alt + ” shortcut on a page that supports the reader view, and you can also close it with the Esc key. It is also a fact that we won’t really need Mercury reader if Chrome gets the reader functionality.

Save to Pocket

With this extension, you can either send the selected text, the link you are focused on, and many other content you found on the web directly to your Pocket account. Pocket integration is already in use by default in Firefox without needing to install an extension.


With this extension, you can easily access Skype for web interface, and share content directly on Skype. If you don’t use Skype, you don’t really need this extension. 🙂

Slick RSS

With this extension, you can follow RSS feeds and automatically find the RSS feed of any site.

Speedtest by Ookla

I guess I don’t need to make a long description of this extension. When you do an internet speed test, you can quickly test the speed with the Chrome extension of the only service that comes to mind. The extension is very successful and it’s constantly being updated.

uBlock Origin

I can hear you saying that this guy seriously has no ad blocker. Well, you’re wrong. Here’s uBlock Origin 🙂

As in Firefox, uBlock Origin is my favorite ad blocker in Chrome. It does the job very well and doesn’t consume much memory like it’s other competitors. You can add this extension to your browser with peace of mind.

URL Fixer

This extension lets you correct your spelling mistakes while typing a web address in the address bar. I also have this extension in my Firefox.

My Chrome extensions collection

It’s all from The extensions I use. But don’t worry. This article will renew itself as I discover new extensions. Although there are a lot of extensions in this list, I’m not having any performance issues on the browser. Still, it’s worth pointing out: Installing too many extensions can seriously slow down your browser. Along with leading to high memory consumption, it may cause overheating in your computer.


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