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Another year has gone by

Last updated on Tuesday January 8th, 2019

Half of me says that I want to make an emotional start; the other side says do it as you like. No matter what, One more year has passed by as we look at that fast and silent flow of time, sometimes with a smile and sometimes with empty eyes.

this blog post you’re reading, it won’t be so boring talking about how 2018 has been. So, first, I’ll go through a summary and then include a 2018 review from three great people. What makes the passing time valuable, is the time we spent with loved ones, isn’t it?

At times you don’t feel like doing anything

That’s exactly how 2018 started for me. In a place I never expected to be, I was in a situation that I never thought about and didn’t want to think about. When you feel lonely, you expect the phone to ring rather than calling people one by one. Maybe we make mistakes when we’re alone, and I’m always scared of this. It’s a solution to pull into your shell and protect yourself, and that’s exactly what I did. I talked less than I need, I wrote less. Anyway.

I think you all know that there are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and every year is named with a name respectively. 2018 was the year of dog and it will be a year of pig in 2019. If I should give a name for 2018, this year was the year of music for me. I spent much more time with music, discovered more songs, and most significant one, I made my own music with some amazing people. That was the only reason I felt less empty. I mentioned about this many times in my previous articles, and also created a dedicated Music page So, I won’t write more.

I’d like to show you how music can change lives in a really good way. Here’s what Andre Louis said about it:

For me, 2018 was certainly better than 2017.

For me, 2018 was certainly better than 2017. Although 2017 was full of music, it came at a time when my life had just suffered a major loss, so it was very difficult.
This year I’m happy to say that I’ve had a lot of time to focus on Music and grow my youtube channel quite significantly. November 2017: 81 subscribers.
December 2018: 557 subscribers. I’d call that progress.

I’ve been focusing on the idea that high-quality stereo content wherever possible is the aim of the game and have been slowly filling my channel with the best that I can either create at the time, or find in my archives from the last few years. There’s certainly lots more to come in 2019 if I have anything to say about it.
From vlogs, to musical autopsies to field-recordings of sonically interesting places, I’m covering a variety of ideas and bringing you, the viewer/listener as much interesting content as I can personally manage.

Subscribe for details, and thank you very much for your time and for reading.

Wasn’t there anything interesting?

If I say no, I’d be lying. I’m not the person who spreads the negative energy all around and complains about almost anything. I think it’s also okay to want to be happier. I’m happy with the happiness of my friends, I always want to hear good news from them. Mai, a Vietnamese medical student I’ve known for about 4 years, has something to say about this. She also has been to the United States and she keeps improving herself in many ways.

An old kingdom in Hue, Vietnam

my 2018 was full of love! I have got some great friends, got engaged with a lovely man. I’ve travelled to some beautiful places and i cant wait to 2019 which I have to face my big Final exam and big question of my career.

In fact, one year is enough time to do most things in our minds, to take courage, then decide, and finally take action. Although I left behind a difficult year for me, I haven’t given up on some of my habits that I’ve had for years. I have published 12 new articles on my blog. In 2019, I want to continue without losing speed, write more more often and immortalize the things I have on my mind.

My beloved friend, Çağrı artan who had a quite productive year, also agreed to write about how 2018 has been for him. Indeed he got really tired but that’s what we call it sweet when it all means something important after a hard work.

As 2018 slowly leaves, Here’s my contribution to my beloved friend Salih’s blog. I’d like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to take part in this post.

When I ask to my mind, What is the most prominent event of this year ?, My mind tells me that “ You joined a great deal of event in this year bro.” Of course, being coordinator of disabled students department plays a big role in it. On the one hand, There was important events, like accessing software units which is not easy to access in normal conditions, attempting network tests, which I joined them thanks to having a honor of being a member and being in board of management of Barrier-free Access Association. In some them I contributed by presenting something, in the others I contributed by taking the floor. So, We can say, these are the events that I could not hold myself back. I made friends in these events which I wish that our friendship lasts as long as it can, This is also one of my lucky moments that I see as an important new year gain.
I was a bit stressed at the point of expressing something to the crowds in the past years, then I realised that it started to break with the increase of this kind of events. I think this should be the biggest new year gaining that given to me. Of course, nothing is completely over, but I must say that I’m experiencing the positive aspects of turning run or fight reaction into a fight.
Besides, I have had a lot of days that with a dilemma that I started to do something then I activated the mode of ‘ Wow, I’m tired’ with a bumpy graphic that in my event and working life. Even if that not so deep, just an ordinary guy profile is accepted like its my own profile from outside, I am sending off this year with my stressful and discernment subconscious that i can not calm it down whatever I try, and changing sides between being into something and “take your time” . I wish we will enter the new timelines day by day, which we encounter with more peaceful, more healthy, less discrimination and inhibition.

What to expect from a new year?

We all wish to hear good news, achieve good things and earn more in the new year. However, it is in our hands to cover our own expectations. Who sees each year as a new beginning, or whoever including me and my friends you read about above sees the next year as a continuation of the big steps taken in the previous year; I hope that we all move in the same direction and the steps we take are firm and forward.

And finally, IHope that our new year is the start of best things coming our way.


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