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It’s a Return

(Turkish) Nasıl giriş yapayım, nereden başlayayım bilmiyorum. Bir yaz daha bitti diyerek üzüleyim mi, sıcaklardan kurtulduk da biraz nefes aldık diye sevineyim mi? Bir süredir her şeye küstüğüm kadar buralara da küstüm. Kendime yabancılaştıkça kendime ait olan her şeyden kaçtım. Neler oldu, neler bitti diye uzun uzun anlatmanın da ne yeri ne de zamanı şimdi…

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How it started, How it’s going: My 4 years of journey with WordPress

It’s been 4 years since I permanently switched to WordPress. So I decided to prepare this post. I will evaluate what I have done from the day I started until now and make a self-criticism in some parts. Before my complete switch, I’ve tested myself in various ways on my web hosting, but I didn’t dare to leave my comfort zone…

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Interview with my music producer Victor Lance

After two and a half months, I’m back with an exclusive interview with my great friend and music producer Victor Lance. It was early 2019 as I began colaborating with him, we both worked together for great sounds. As a result, I got thousands of streams and the numbers are growing each day.

In this post, I’ll ask him about his personal life as well as music production, and will ask for some tricks for upcoming music producers…

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Meeting someone famous on the internet

I’ve noticed that it’s more than one year since I last posted within Internet Memories posts. Think the time has come. In this post, I’ll share two of my internet memories that got me quite surprised almost 7 years ago. Sometimes I just think that we’re all surrounded by a lot of coincidences by the life…

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Top 5 Tones and I – Dance Monkey covers

The Australian singer songwriter Tones and I, who broke the records and received numerous awards last yearr has reached more than one and a half billion streams on Spotify wit her song Dance Monkey. On Youtube, the views are over 900 million. Dance Monkey is also among the most covered songs worldwide. In this post, I will list my top 5 Dance Monkey covers and share my comments respectively…

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I’m not a gamer but bought a gaming headset: Rampage RM-K7 headset review and microphone test in Turkish

As I stay home like everyone else, I’ve realized that I’ve been joining online meetings or conferences more often, and my 6 year old podcast microphone is not enough for this. I’ve decided to buy a headset and finally decided on a Rampage RM-K7 gaming headset. In this post, I’ll write a short review about Rampage RM-K7 headset and will include a microphone test video in Turkish…

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