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Electric toothbrush experience

In this post I will share my daily experience of using an electric toothbrush For those who are curious or have never tried this before, . I’ve been using a manual toothbrush until now. I didn’t really care about the brand and model of the brush I was using so far. I decided to buy an affordable electric toothbrush and have this experience. I will share my findings and the process periodically in this article. Don’t forget to check back every day…

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Useful tools to improve your Spotify experience

I use Spotify on my computer and phone for a long time. While enjoying the songs, I also occasionally benefit from apps and extensions specifically developed for Spotify. In this article, I’ll list some of the helpful tools, apps, and extensions you can use with Spotify…

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Things you need to know about new Skype for desktop

Skype’s interface for desktop, which we’ve been familiar for over 6 years, retired on november and will not be available to use after that date. The decision Microsoft made to improve Skype and increase the number of users is likely to affect people relying skype for personal communication and business purposes. Let’s have a look at what will change in new Skype…

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Hello 27

Look how time flies! The beginning of 2018 is just like yesterday but now we’re half way through it. It was my 27th birthday 12 days ago. I said hello world in a hot day of june 27 years ago, and now here I say hello to my 27th age.

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Highlights from the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

The 63rd edition of the popular Eurovision song contest was hosted in the Altis Arena, one of Europe’s largest indoor sports halls, in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. In this post, I will share my opinions and some highlights from the 2018 Eurovision song contest…

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